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Quarantine Content!

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, the need for IT is more obvious than ever. Millions of employees are working from home for the very first time. With that, comes the need for security. We, at Problem Solving Technologies, are committed to not only helping out our customers, but to helping out our community.

It is with this, that we have decided to release a bundle of videos and tutorials onto our website, and also enable registration into our PST Portal. What this means for you is that you can now view, participate along with, and chat about material that we will be providing to help you learn more about your computer and online security. Work from home solutions, quarantine study plans, developer chats and more will be available to you.

If there is any additional content that you would like explained or explored, feel free to contact us through the contact page with your requests. We are here to help you. Getting stronger together is key to getting over this together. Please remember to stay home, wash your hands, and stay safe. See you soon!

Author: Staff / (2020-04-14 02:06:52)


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We are here to help you with your IT needs. We are a Las Vegas based IT organization that specializes in small to medium business IT consultation. We help you go from start to finish with your IT needs. We employ skilled, trained, and certified technicians to complete your project.

Already running a project? No problem. We can help your existing team with the problems they face and fill the gaps when needed. Don't let your IT needs fall behind because of lack of skilled labor. We already have the right people for you. Head on over to our contact page to request a call or email now! Need something a little quicker? Head on over to our portal and register now to get up to same day service in select areas!

We, at Problem Solving Technologies, understand that some jobs can be complicated. Let us simplify them for you. We started as a simple company to help people by providing affordable IT. Our goal hasn't changed, but our operations have. We provide service for multiple fortune 500 companies, provide onsite service for hundreds of small and medium businesses, create mobile and web solutions, and provide network security testing/monitoring.

Author: Staff / (2020-04-15 01:51:17)